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AHDI Researchers Provide Online Reference Terminology
Confronted with the challenges of differing transcriptionist skill levels, non-standard tool sets, different systems and desktop settings, non-standard quality measurements, and a lack of data standards, many medical transcription companies struggled to consistently turn out high-quality patient records.   The solution was to use technology to not only develop quality standards, but to more easily put these efficiency-driven, real-time resources at the fingertips of the transcriptionist.
Medical transcriptionists now have access to a program that offers innovative assistance for the profession. Thousands of BenchMark KB Knowledge Base users worldwide are now able to find hundreds of new, up-to-the-minute medical words, drugs, and medical phrases in BenchMark KB. 
The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) has employed a full-time staff to find, vet, define, and post the latest medical terminology in BenchMark KB"s extensive database setting.   The new additions are found not only on the Dashboard, which is designed to reflect the fast pace of medical advancements the moment KB users log in, but in the MT Tools section as well. 
Updates Go Live Every Week
New words are added by the AHDI Research Team continuously, guaranteeing that BenchMark KB will remain the most up-to-date, dependable resource for medical transcriptionists around the globe.
BenchMark KB provides its web users with a wide-ranging knowledge base in real time, including Stedman"s medical terminology and drug name content, a referring physician database, the AHDI Book of Style, mentoring tools, and best practices.  Developed by InterFix software (, the Knowledge Base is part of a research initiative with the AHDI.
According to Scott Faulkner, CEO of Interfix, "BenchMark KB has demonstrated the ability to improve productivity and quality measurements in double digits by hundreds of MTs in production environments on four continents.-  BenchMark KB is available as a stand-alone web service that can be used alongside any medical transcription or coding application, or it can be integrated into any transcription or EHR platform for even greater functionality.

By Michelle Simmons
Get Medical Transcription Jobs, Contributing Editor

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