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Dorothy, Medical Transcriber:

I appreciate receiving the daily job offers.

Debby Moberg , Medical Transcriptionist:

I enjoy this site very much. I would love to work at home but right now I am working in a hospital typing radiology reports, cardiology reports, H&P's, consult notes, discharge summaries, and procedure notes. It is great to know that there is a site like this to help us find work. Thank You.

Sylvia Albury, Medical Transcriptionist:

I appreciate all the good news and job information found on your site. It has been most helpful to me and I continue to utilize the information that is provided consistently. Thank you.

Sharon, Medical Transcriptionist:

You site is nice and always up to date. Although I haven't found any job I would consider yet, I'll keep looking here. The jobs here are much better than some of the other boards I've searched. It is easy to maneuver and gives a lot of choices. Thank you.

Julie Skjonsby, Medical Transcriptionist:

This is a great website and I use it to check out job openings every week. Thank you so much!

Paulette Webster-Carter, Medical Transcriptionist:

I greatly appreciate receiving the newsletters and I find the site to be informative as to where positions are. I am seeking work currently and I can't imagine where I would look without the aid of "Get Medical Transcription Jobs." This is definitely an asset in finding employment whether it is part-time, full-time or at home transcription.

Jocelyn Antonio, Medical Transcriptionist:

Your site is very informative and always updated...keep it going.

Melissa Romea, Medical Transcriptionist:

I think this service is fantastic. I have recommended it to several other transcriptionists.

Coleen Kennedy, Medical Transcriptionist:

I find your website extremely helpful and I check it almost every day!

Valinda Stafford, Medical Transcriptionist:

I think your website is good, with lots of job offers. (I see a lot of good jobs in and around the Phoenix area in Arizona. Looks like a lot of them are in-house, though.) But some aren't. I'll keep looking. I'm glad your website is there! Thanks.

Veronica Christiansen, Medical Transcriptionist:

I think your site is great. Unfortunately the only MT jobs that are available want at least 2 years of experience. Since I just received my certification, I have not found anything that will help me. I will keep looking though. All in all I think for someone with the experience you have some very good posts.

V. Ballou, Medical Transcriptionist:

I enjoy reading and being updated on the transcriptionist jobs... very up to date and timely... it helps a lot... so keep on sending those updates. Your information is really appreciated.

Donna Wenger, Medical Transcriptionist:

Your site is a great place to find job openings. It is very detailed and organized.

Carolyn Serratos, Health Information Coordinator:

I am currently looking for a job where I can work from home and be my own boss. I love medical transcription and that is the field I want to pursue. Your website is very helpful in this area. Thank you very much for your service.

Irene M., Medical Transcription:

I will be finished with my MT studies at CareerStep very soon, and I look forward to using this website for help in finding work. Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list.

B. Bhanu Prasad, Medical Transcriptionist:

This is a good site to know about transcription opportunities and good to see the updates.

Yvonne Pruett, Medical Transcriptionist:

I really enjoy your site. You have everything a medical transcriptionist is looking for. Thank you.

James, Placemet Services Representative:

I am pleased with the service that you offer. I find job related information on you website, that I couldn't find on others. Thank you.

Alva, Medical Transcriptionist:

The jobs are listed clearly and precisely. I am only interested in work at home positions and this site specifically notes the ones that are and those that are not.

Jeannie, CMT:

Thank you for all you do. I rely on the resources available on your site. You are doing a great job!

Anganika Wilson, Medical Transcriptionist:

Very informational site. Haven't found a job yet but hopefully will soon. This site will be the only place to get a MT job.

Dee Greca, Medical Transcriptionist - Independent Contractor:

I found a couple of good part-time temp job offers that I could qualify for. And your resources are excellent. It was a pleasure to receive such prompt followup and offer of services, and I thank you for your helpful tips on how to navigate your website.

Darlene, Medical Transcriptionist:

I signed up to receive information from you to get a perspective on the demand for transcriptionists, and I am impressed with the information that you provide.

Clare, Medical Transcriptionist:

I just was notified that I graduated with Honors from Career Step's Medical Transcription course. The entire time I was taking the course I would log on to your site and check things out. Now that I am officially a medical transcriptionist, I will begin the process of applying for work. The site is great - easy to navigate and full of helpful information. Thanks.

Kristina Marie, Medical Transcriptionist:

Thank you very much for the invaluable information you have sent me. I do hope we continue this satisfactory partnership for a very long time. Thanks again and regards.

Nancy Skipper, Medical Transcriptionist:

Very useful site. Thank you for your assistance in helping me land a job!!

Cherie Gaston, Medical Transcription:

Your site has been very informative because it is updated every week. I like having a website specifically dedicated just to transcription jobs.

Stephanie Sterling, Medical Transcriptionist:

Still looking for work... but this website is very easy to navigate and has lots of helpful links.

Virginia Davis, Medical Transcription:

I am getting great feedback from the different employers that I have emailed. Thank you Get Medical Transcription Jobs for your newsletters!

Constance McDonald, Medical Transcription:

I think this is a great website. I like the way you list medical transcription jobs by state. That helps a lot.

Debra Manfredi, Medical Transcriptionist:

I think this is a great website to find a job. There's a lot of different opportunities in different areas which I like.

Jennifer, At-home transcriptionist:

Get Medical Transcription Jobs is the best place to find transcription jobs!!

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